Having fun when the Oil runs out

Travel by solar power motor boat from London to Bristol, along the UK canals without the use of fossil fuels.

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"unfortunately, due to changing work commitments, this exciting project is postponed due to lack of time available to progress and complete."

9:46am Tuesday 5th July

The project was terminated early by the project leader on Tuesday 5th July. The reason given was lack of time available due changing work committments have meant this exciting and fun project will be postponed..

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Barret Stanboulian

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Without the use of any fossil fuels, apart from a gas stove for making a cup of tea! This will be achieved with the aide of solar-pv (photovoltaic) panels - and a new hi-tech electric outboard (motor). The funds raised will go towards planning, running and sharing the results - publishing the results/ experience - for others to emulate. I will meeting the majority of the hardware project costs. My plans (route, kit, costs, provisions etc.) will be available shortly on the documentation link (currently points to info on PV)- currently underway and also as I raise awareness. Its about doing something I love tried in a way that satisfies tomorrows energy challenges.

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