WeSayWePay In 60 seconds!

WeSayWePay is the UK’s first online fundraising platform for projects we value in our communities. WeSayWePay can help you bring support and goodwill together to make things happen now! Act local!

How it Works

WeSayWePay gives individuals an alternative way to raise the cash for projects of local or personal importance through group or crowd-funding. Think of WeSayWePay as a modern take on public subscription, or pub or church collections. more... It’s a straightforward, secure, and, satisfying way of backing good people and ideas – yours, your friends’ - family, neighbours, networks, and, communities. It’s about getting things done ourselves - not just waiting, and relying, on organisations and institutions who also have a valued place. more...

Power to Act Local

WeSayWePay provides the temporary framework for individuals to work effectively as a group. And through the amplifying power of social networks you gain the reach to fund social projects and activities more..., clubs, ad-hoc projects, events, whip-rounds, all sorts of projects - from Wills and Kate street parties to 'big-lunches’ to flood protection - whatever is important to you and localism in your community. Don’t let bureaucracy dampen your desire to contribute to your community.

Try the new way of group funding for communities. Act local! more...

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