Theses are just a few ground rules for a quiet life.

We are about ad hoc social ideas, ventures, and, activities not incorporated bodies, charities, and, institutions. That means clubs, ad-hoc projects, events, whip-rounds, "big-lunches", or, anything that is important to you. Get some inspiration

You should use WeSayWePay precisely because you’re not an established body, but rather, because you’re a group of people with drive and commitment, a good idea and preferably with a sensible project manager. WeSayWePay provides temporary apparatus for individuals to focus on projects of collective, mutual benefit or with shared aims, for the common good.

Please continue to support established organizations or programmes.

Reduce barriers

We feel strongly that the rewards for donating and participating at this level are not just important for civic society. Working together in this way reduces barriers to civilised cooperation between individuals, groups and communities, strengthening the public square for us all. And the projects don’t all have to be deadly serious and earnest either. There are lots of fun things to get going.

Feel Good

So, what do you get out of it? Your personal pay-off for supporting and contributing donations to WeSayWePay projects is the knowledge that individuals are empowered to make change and create new ways to contribute and feel good too. From personal experience getting involved, doing something purposeful, and, at any level, making a difference, is massively rewarding.

Plan, Plan, Plan

We strongly advise you to plan well and take a look at our suggested steps. That way you’ll be sure to make your efforts a real success. A credible timetable, budget, and objective are essential. See Steps

Be nice!

Not least be respectful, lawful and constructive.

Please do not take anyone"s goodwill for granted.


WeSayWePay cannot be used to solicit investment or loans.

Projects may not offer financial return or equity under any circumstances.

Projects must meet PayPal"s Acceptable Use Policy. PayPal Terms of Use


To start a new project i.e. as a Project Manager you must have a verified PayPal account (i.e. a PayPal account with a bank account attached).

Currently a UK bank account and address are required to start a project. This is a safeguard required by PayPal - our payments processor.

If you don't have a UK bank account and are interested in starting a project, we appreciate your patience. This will change in the future, but we can’t give you an exact date yet.

At the moment Contributors also require a PayPal account though not with a bank account attached. Get PayPal

All registrants must comply with our terms of use; this includes our privacy policy.

Contributions to the project are only released when the full amount is raised. It"s all or nothing. Which means no success, no charges if paid through a PayPal account (i.e. not with a debit/ credit card). Fees

You will be given a 'credit' limit of £250, which as we are still in Beta, may increase over time. This level is based on factors such as how projects you are running at once, successful projects completed, conduct, etc..

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