Our Story

Frustrated by the stuffiness and lack of social innovation from public service broadcasters; BAFTA-nominated documentary producer, and, former marketing director, Barret Stanboulian set about creating a simple commercial product. An online utility that would extend the reach of our innate public service motivations and empower direct action by communities (not solely through institutions). After a chance meeting, he was soon joined by Ian Jordan, (Ebay UK’s former Head of Product Development and Innovation. Immediately recognizing the potential of WeSayWePay, sharing ethical values and from a family of Councillors and Localists himself, Ian too shared a fascination with the notion of people power - particularly the idea of public subscription in a digital arena.

How people come together to sort out a problem or contribute funds directly to something for the common good without the direct intervention of state, business or charity. From a few coins in the kitty to building libraries and village halls.

WeSayWePay - is based on the same simple principle - just people making things happen directly.

Born in Dorking!

We think the time has come round again, both through necessity, and, choice, to pull in friends, family, and, community to reinvigorate how and why we do things for each other, especially locally. Re-inventing public subscription for the social age; we saw our product as something like the pub or church collection model for projects of local or personal importance. WeSayWePay.com was born in Dorking, England!

Our first realisation was that one thing’s for sure - some of us have more energy and shrink time to get things going and defined. Others are happy to trust and support and ensure our good faith is not being taken for a ride!

We think connecting individuals and group goodwill through lots of small mandates is a potent force for good.

WeSayWePay is a simply way of appointing a trusted kitty-holder and organizer that can transform the will of your supporters into concrete action.

Our philosophy is simple - to make our lives richer by directly pooling our resources and support into easy, organised actions we value.

We are still in Beta but we have big plans for the future.

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