Create Record-club evening, Abinger Hammer village hall

Inaugural evening to establish a new ‘Record club' - like a ‘book club’ (but for music not literature). Costs goes toward decks and hall hire.

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Create Record-club evening, Abinger Hammer village hall

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  • To make the project happen we needed to raise a total of £156.80
  • £156.80 was contributed by 11 individuals.

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Updates by Leader

"We have done it! We've achieved our funding goal, a big thanks to everyone who contributed, and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.."

10:06am Monday 4th July

"First record club night was a success thanks to the WeSayWePay group, the 15 people who came and supported on FB. A great time was had by all – vinyl stole the show – but reel to reel is on hand. There's a kitty of £70 towards the next RC! Proposing the x x Aug? - welcome suggestions below or on FB"

4:59pm Sunday 10th July

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Mark Pratt

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Barret Stanboulian, Mags Hardwick, Fiona Freed, Ian Jordan, Brian Adair, Lucy Fyffe, Simon Freed, Marion McBurney, Lizzie Anders, Simon Anderson, Mark Pratt

This project in more detail

Record Club (RC) hopes to bring together anyone who appreciates collecting and / or listening to recorded music. RC hopes to establish and foster an environment of music culture - collectively celebrated and enjoyed. Not just Vinyl - so tapes, CD's and MP3's etc. are fine. The idea is to fill your record bag (with about 10 tracks!) – like a ‘desert island discs’ play list with anecdotes to hand. DJ duties are then split equally. Bring Pizzas if you want to (in Vinyl days - fits into your record bag!) The costs include £46 for the hall. We have managed to obtain the use of a professional sound system, together with insurance and decks, super-cheap at £50, however, there are transportation issues (If anyone is able to provide transport for free?), - covered for the inaugural event (approximately £50). Bring your own drinks and soft drinks will be on sale - any surpluses – plus ‘subs’ agreed (£2.50, proposed) - will go be carried forward toward the cost of the next agreed event.

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