Fund a new Money Mentor, in London schools and universities, Summer 2012

To train one undergraduate in financial literacy to become a ‘Money Mentor’ to deliver financial education to at least 125, 16-19 year olds from inner city London schools.

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I'm Benjamin, Project Leader

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I am the Associate Organiser to the Money Mentor programme that is run by London Citizens. I intend to raise enough money to fund one undergraduate to deliver financial education to 125 inner City students. Why? I was an undergraduate and I was paid a Living Wage (£8.30 p/h) to become a Money Mentor last summer, since then I have re-joined the organisation to deliver Money Mentors on a permanent basis. The project not only trains the undergraduate in financial literacy and provides them with quality work experience but also targets the students that need financial education most to combat financial exclusion.

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Fund a new Money Mentor, in London schools and universities, Summer 2012

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  • To make the project happen we needed to raise a total of £2,103.50
  • £2,103.50 was contributed by 16 individuals.

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Elaine Freed, Dave Mellett, piers tainsh

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Sheilla Patel, Hannah Tainsh, Gerry Evans, Dave Smith, Marcus Mason, Barret Stanboulian, Jeremond During, James Haycock, Harry Kinmonth, Chidera Okoro, Debbie Mambu, Elizabeth Aderanti, Farzana patel, Rumana , Carlos Carasco, Jennifer Yuen

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"Ben I will contribute, but cant be arsed to go through paypal. Can i give you the cash?"

piers tainsh

10:31pm Monday 19th March


"Yes if anyone wants to to avoid the registration please email me: and we can sort something out!"

Benjamin (Project Leader)

9:40am Tuesday 20th March

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What became “Mission: Money Mentors” aims to reduce financial hardship in our communities by spreading good financial practice and provide education about personal finance. Over the last two summers, the project has trained 50 young mentors who have taught 4,500 young people across the Capital. University-based classes taught by undergraduates give school pupils young, positive and well informed role models. They learn responsible money management and gain an understanding of the new tuition fees and student finance arrangements, while maintaining a balanced and realistic view. Check out the Documentation link for more details!

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