Holistic help for troubled teens, Dorking, Surrey

Provide relaxation classes for young people, currently in treatment for substance misuse, referred through national charity Catch 22

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I'm Rebecca, Project Leader

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I am the founder of 'The Holistic Life Centre'. Practitioner, Teacher & Spiritual Forager with 20 years of 'holistic' experience. It has been a dream of mine to provide a Healing Centre which offers a range of products, treatments and classes available to all people looking for a 'real' alternative to their health care needs. Offering Meditation techniques to young people trying to overcome their drug addictions is a personal passion.

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Holistic help for troubled teens, Dorking, Surrey

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Dorking Naturally community web, magazine design and initiate project

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  • To make the project happen we needed to raise a total of £213.50
  • £213.50 was contributed by 9 individuals.

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Updates by Leader

"I'm writing to all you amazing people who contributed to this very important pilot project. THANK YOU!!! It has been a journey to get to this point, but finally, next thursday (23rd February 2012)theMeditation group will begin.I am extremely excited and very hopeful that this project will be seen to have a positive effect on theses young lives. I feel passionate that these young people deserve a chance and if in some small way the relaxation techniques I teach them can help, then it will all be worth it. "

12:29pm Thursday 16th February

"Hello again... For your information: The CRB check is all complete and passed. I am now a fully fledged volunteer member of Catch 22. I'm currently working with Catch 22 a day a week, shadowing experienced practitioners as they work with young people on a one to one basis. In addition, I'm visiting the Josephine Butler Unit, a 16 bed junenville secure unit housed within Downview Womans Prison, Sutton. Here I'm slowly gaining experience with a view, I hope, to teach these young woman some meditation techniques in the future. Self esteem, anger management and relaxation... FINALLY, another important THANK YOU needs to go to The South St Clinic in Dorking, for allowing me to use a room there at a very reasonable rate, so enabling this project to begin. "

12:37pm Thursday 16th February

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Dave Mellett

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Barret Stanboulian, sue chamberlain, Mags Hardwick, Jane Ward, Lucy Fyffe, Katy Hunter-Choat, Kengo Kurimoto, Simon Freed, Fiona Freed

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Through my work as a holistic therapist and meditation teacher, I have developed a programme of relaxation classes, which I want to offer to assist young people who are currently in treatment for substance misuse. By showing young people new ways to cope with stress, this programme will help to make a difference to their anxiety levels, self worth and confidence. The programme will be run from the Holistic Life Centre, which I run. All we need is £200 to get this extremely important project off the ground. We believe it’s the start of something special that will really make a difference to the lives of our young people. Classes will be referred through ‘Catch22-24/7’ in Surrey which provides a free specialist treatment support for young people, aged 11 to 21, who have problems with drugs or alcohol, from July. Care workers will be in attendance. Photo (c) Catch22

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