Kirsty’s Disco night venture for Kidsfest, Farnham

Create a Disco evening event to fund the Kidsfest festival

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I like the idea of being given the freedom to do my own thing and combine my interest in music. Kidsfest is giving me support through Jo Aylwin, a solicitor, who is Chairman of the parent organisation Bishops meadow Trust.

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Kirsty’s Disco night venture for Kidsfest, Farnham

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  • To make the project happen we needed to raise a total of £200.90
  • £130.00 was contributed by 2 individuals.

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Dave Mellett, Barret Stanboulian

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Kirsty Laney, Gerri Smyth

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7:21am Wednesday 11th July


This project in more detail

Along with other young people, we have each been asked to design and manage our own venture to support the efforts of Kidsfest. Kidsfest is a new ‘by kids, for kids’ festival to support the Bishop Meadows Trust project in Farnham. By encouraging awareness, conservation and use of this beautiful area, we hope its future can be secured. My venture is to stage a disco night, for kids aged 11 to 16. The event will be supervised. I have already set up a committee to help organize the event and have been offered a free DJ for the night. We are looking to raise funds for the hire of a hall and buy supplies of soft drinks and nibbles. All we need is £200 to get this project off the ground, which we hope can continue to raise funds ongoing through ticket sales and drinks. CrB checks available through Kidsfest. Please note contributors can get in for free!

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