New football kits for AYA FC, London

Buy a long overdue new team strip for the Armenian Youth's 2011-12 season

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I'm Nik, Project Leader

Nik NicolaouAcceptance Markverified

Second generation manager of our beloved AYA!

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New football kits for AYA FC, London

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  • To make the project happen we needed to raise a total of £600.95
  • £600.95 was contributed by 10 individuals.

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These people have supported:

Simon Haroutunian, Ara Boyrazian, Mark Bedrossian, Moris Farhi, Raffi Goetcherian, Tsolag Keoshgerian

These people have contributed:

marlene stanboulian, Barret Stanboulian, Simon Haroutunian, Mark Bedrossian, Ara Boyrazian, Stephan Avetoom, Archie Tashjian, Ian Coetzee, Raffi Goetcherian, Peter Pilides

This project in more detail

The painful moment has come for AYA alumni to reach into their pockets (well PayPal) and help the young crop out with new kits for the new campaign with vigour and hygiene! Follow the documentation link for the quotation and you can see what it will look like above. If any of the boys have a company that want to sponsor the kit - hit the hero button. But please give everyone a chance to chip in first and give the moths an outing. Appreciate your warm support as ever for the club. Please pass the link around and encourage people to chip in only if they want to.

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