No Limits - Reimagining Life with Dementia

A facilitated residential event for people with a dementia diagnosis who want to become change agents, activists and advocates. Participants will create a platform for their own transforming effort in the communities where they live designed to prolo

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I love my job! It's the best job in the world. Every day I get the chance to make a difference; often in just very small ways. I work as a citizen advocate by helping people to speak up and to advocate for themselves, by helping them to develop common cause through peer-advocacy partnerships. Anyone can learn how to become more effective as an advocate for themselves and for their loved ones. Getting control over events in our lives can frequently be helped when we learn how to get the response and reaction we need from the other people around us. This is a skill. It can be learned. When we learn how to do this we empower ourselves to become more effective.

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  • To make the project happen we needed to raise a total of £266.00
  • £266.00 was contributed by 8 individuals.

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"Dear supporters and contributors, Each one of you is appreciated for your generosity, for your commitment and for the encouragement we have recived from you to drive our project forwards. In addition to each of your contributions we have also had a commitment to fund all our core costs for accommodation in respect of this residential event which means that we can select a date and book the venue. Two weeks ago I als had a conversation with the mental Health Foundation who agreed to look at a request for match funding to cover the cost of carers, facilitators and activities at our workshop. We are reasonably confident that our application will be successful. Please watch this space... I will post another update when the project has been successfully delivered. We want each of you to know that we don't take your help for granted. We couldn't proceed without the commitment you have shown. Your support has made a BIG difference! "

12:34pm Friday 23rd March

These people have supported:

Laurence Gardiner, Barret Stanboulian, Gerry Evans, Nigel Minchin, Elaine Freed, Dave Mellett, Heli Rajasalo

These people have contributed:

Elaine Freed, Gerry Evans, Barret Stanboulian, Rachel Niblock, Laurence Gardiner, Ian Jordan, Laura Bramly, joanie blaikie

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"This is a very worthwhile project having looked after my husband who had dementia for 15 years, help is vital for the person who has been diagnosed, they learn how they can cope with their illness at the beginning and they have that help as it advances, giving them understanding, not going through the "trial and error"of families who will be supporting this, who might feel equally helpless."

Elaine Freed

8:57pm Thursday 16th February


"More materials and information has been posted on last week. We have presented out film at the National Dementia Congress and at Alzheimer's Disease International. We now have some provisional dates for the next No Limits residential event. Thank you to all the contributors and supporters who have helped to make this happen. We couldn't do it without you!"

Laurence (Project Leader)

7:56pm Tuesday 13th March

This project in more detail

We are a volunteer campaign group run by individuals with dementia. We are raising money for our expenses so that we can run a residential workshop. Our goal is to produce and disseminate learning materials about living with dementia. The No Limits project group have presented a touring exhibition road-show at national events in Bradford, Glasgow and Liverpool. No Limits – Re-imagining Life with Dementia was developed in partnership with men and women with dementia. The exhibition explores the individual and collective strength of people living with this condition and brings to life ideas around community, empowerment, and friendship. The work in this exhibition is grounded in material gathered from a pioneering research study by Dr Ruth Bartlett on the campaigning efforts of people with dementia. The original project was funded by the ESRC under the Follow on Funding scheme.

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