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Our goal is to reduce the numbers of young people in Lambeth with STI's and educating youth on all aspects of sexual health and emotional well being. This will be achieved through various workshops and activities all geared towards empowering young

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I have worked within the youth work field for approximately 12 years and have worked with many organisations such as Kids Company, M.B.G, South central youth, World vision and many more, I have been building a strong rapport with Leonard Cheshire Disability and Reality Bytes UK I aim to launch a mentoring and outreach service for young people across numerous boroughs starting with Lambeth. We aim to provide various sessions all aimed at reducing anti social behavior, building self esteem and promoting physical, mental and sexual heath. So far we have gained the interest of many local youth and residents in general and are literally steps away from making this a reality for all local youth. We are asking for the support and advice from anybody who may be in a position to assist us with our cause. I thank you very much for your time and wish you all the best. Kind Regards Adrian Rose

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Hi my name is Adrian Rose, I am the project leader for think 1st we are a non profit community group dedicated to providing services for disadvantaged young people. We wish to launch a sexual health project for young people in Lambeth. We work on a grass roots level, and have a tried and proven approach to educated young people in regards of there emotional, physical and mental well being as we believe they all play an important role in who we are and choices we make.I can not stress how needed a service like this is needed for young people who find it difficult to confide in mainstream services which can lead to numerous disasters myself and my team are all trained to can deliver this service and are practically ready all we need is assistance with travel and small supplies. We are very thankful for any help available so we can achieve our goal.

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