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I'm Shauna, Project Leader

Shauna Crockett-BurrowsAcceptance Markverified

I am passionate about building a more responsible and balanced media.

In particular, as a trustee of Positive News Trust, I want to give young people opportunities to build careers in positive journalism.

My early career started in the theatre and local radio. After raising a family I published my first magazine, Global Link Up, in the late 1970s.

I am now editor-in-chief of Positive News, the international newspaper, which I founded in 1993.

Positive News has a circulation of 50,000, with sister editions published in the US, Hong Kong, Argentina and Spain.

I have also created other publications including Living Lightly, Ethos and the youth-led project Positive Youth News.

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  • To make the project happen we needed to raise a total of £633.50
  • £633.50 was contributed by 16 individuals.

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"We reached our target! Thank you to everyone who supported our project to give a young person a training placement at Positive News. Your support has meant that we can now give a young person some valuable experience in solution-focused journalism and send another journalist into the world who can help create a more balanced media! Thank you once again, and keep an eye on for news about how the project progresses. Applications for the placement will open shortly, and once in place, the trainee will be writing regular blogs to let you know how they are getting on."

2:32pm Friday 14th October

These people have supported:

Emily Burridge, Barret Stanboulian, Fiona Freed, Shauna Crockett-Burrows, Nicole Vosper

These people have contributed:

John-Paul Flintoff, Simon Freed, David Kong, marlene stanboulian, Vicky and Paul Randon, Judy Young, Godric Bader, Sean Dagan Wood, Paul Ellson, Emily Burridge, Nicole Vosper, Ian Jordan, Christine Eynon, William Eynon, Heather Elmhirst, Moris Farhi

This project in more detail

At a time of scarce opportunities for young people, we’re offering a training placement at Positive News for someone aged 18-25. Over a period of 3 months, the individual will gain key skills and experience in the media and learn a solution-focused approach to news reporting.

The young person will be mentored by the Positive News team throughout the placement and £600 raised by the Positive News community will cover his or her expenses for 12 weeks. The individual will report back to readers about his or her progress, through online blogs.

Together the Positive News community will be supporting something it cares about by helping to provide an opportunity for a young person and in doing so by promoting the growth of positive journalism.

Let’s give young people some inspiration for a change!

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