Dene Boys Tree-care day, Abinger, Dorking

Learn woodland skills from a professional to under 18's and husbandry of Copse

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I'm Fiona, Project Leader

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I have a background as a Film and TV Producer, I also work as a Complimentary therapies practitioner and I have a small jewellery business. I have a lot of experience in organisation, budgets and scheduling. I feel passionate that there is always a positive solution to most seemingly insurmountable situations or issues, especially if we band together with like-minded people.

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Updates by Leader

"Hello and thanks to everyone for all the enthusiastic support received. Trying to catch a day when most of the boys and Dave Ford are free. Dave has suggested Saturday June 18th and 25th to start with. Notes will be going around the houses so please organize among yourselves and through Fred and Jamie, ideally by the weekend so we can let Dave know who has agreed to work a weekend specially. "

11:36am Wednesday 8th June

"Saturday 25th June at 10.45 has been confirmed as the Copse Care Day for all the boys and Dave Ford."

9:10am Friday 17th June

"Dave Ford's visit was a great success in so far as the boys have a much better appreciation of the effects of their ramp building and enjoyed the experience of learning how to minimise any damage which thankfully was not significantly great. The boys will fill in holes and avoid digging into any roots and on Dave's recommendation will co-ordinate and ensure that two tree saplings are planted in gaps cited which Maria Belcher has kindly donated. Other comments were that garden waste should be put further out the way to break down. Many of the boys said they got something positive out of the day and enjoyed having things explained to them. Michael Bark and Olly Ffyfe were appreciative even though the swarm of bees stole the show! Thanks also to Anoush for the hot-dogs and to Bob Ffyfe for taking photos. "

10:15pm Thursday 7th July

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Susan Burgess, David Saxon Jones

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Dave Mellett, joanie blaikie, Barret Stanboulian, Susan Burgess, marlene stanboulian, Lucy Fyffe, Nicki Kong, Jane Ward

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Boys will be boys! In response to concerns about the Copse we propose the following: One weekend day when boys are all available Dave Ford from Dave Ford Tree Care will come and spend the morning or afternoon (No over 18s), to show you how to look after woodland areas, tree care, to tell you whether your holes and carvings are affecting the trees, and if they are, what can be done to remedy it. You can learn to not only enjoy the copse but you can become the Copse Keepers and look after it for the future (and make sure the adults don’t abuse it with their garden waste!) The cost, greatly subsidized, covers Dave's time. Currently advising on available date. Will keep you posted.

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