Wills & Kate street party, The Dene, Abinger

Provide refreshments and decorations for Wills & Kate Street party

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I'm Barret, Project Leader

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I have been active in my community for 8 years, as chairman and Trustee, of the village hall for the last 5 years. I also co-founded the international website we20.org as a grassroots meeting alternative to the G20. It reached a level of success and has died down now. I am a family man with background in public service broadcasting and marketing.

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  • To make the project happen we needed to raise a total of £108.50
  • £1.54 was contributed by 2 individuals.

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Barret Stanboulian, Dave Mellett

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Like millions up and down the country we will be celebrating the ultimate neighbours' get-together on the auspicious occasion of a royal wedding. The money will be spent on providing food and drink for 27 households in suitably festive style.

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